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Reviews for JD The Queer Doula

Mitch S.

"JD helped take care of our son from about 2 months old to 11 months old. I can't say enough good things about them. JD loved to be with our son and helped establish a good sleep schedule. When JD would arrive in the morning, our son would always smile. We feel really lucky to have found JD and highly recommend them."

LaurieAnne P.

"JD was an essential part of my labor and delivery process and an amazing doula for the start of my parenthood journey. They helped guide my husband and me through the prep and steps of delivering my baby with informed guidance. Every check-in and appointment was full of care and kindness that put my greatest fears at ease. Although my delivery did not go according to plan, JD was there the whole way to comfort and reassure me. I could not have survived my first week as new parent without JD."

Alex K.

"I’m profoundly grateful for the support and advocacy JD has given. They helped to ensure that this birth would be a positive and healing experience, and with their support, I moved through the process feeling confident, aware, safe, and held. Many thanks."

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