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Birth & Labor Support

Intuitive, evidence-based care to birthing individuals and their birthing partners from prenatal to 2 weeks postpartum.


  • 2 prenatal visits & 1 postpartum visit

  • Establishing Birth Preferences and comfort measures

  • Guidance on labor and birth process

  • Physical and emotional support through labor and birth

  • 24-hour support via text and phone


*Both in-person and Virtual support is available for this service.

Postpartum Care 

I offer devoted support to you during the 12 weeks after the baby is born.



  • Newborn care & guidance

  • Body/breastfeeding support and guidance

  • Parental emotional support

  • Gentle sleep training & information on newborn sleep

  • Meal-prep & Light housework

Lotus in Bloom

Abortion & Gestational Loss Support

I offer gentle end-of-pregnancy support for all outcomes.  



  • Virtual or in-person support

  • Helping to find abortion providers

  • Aftercare procedures

Gentle Sleep Coaching 

I provide infant sleep consulting from 3 months onward. Additionally, I can support parents who are navigating newborn sleep cycles and consult on solutions for everyone to get better sleep. 


  • Weekly in-home sessions

  • Crafting a sleep plan (unlike a strict schedule), that works for everyone. 

  • Education on infant sleep. 

Newborn Baby
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